View Full Version : Question about finding pitcher - using ultimate ST guide

08-05-2007, 05:54 PM
Ok Ive been reading the ultimate ST guide and I have couple questions about how its saying to find the pitcher. First, it says to train everyone in pitch for three straight days.
Does this mean three straight days of full pie, or actually 3 straight days? Because if it is three days in a row, then the bench players would be getting twice as much training as the starting players. Also, since you have to have a catcher and batter to train pitching in ST, they lose some TP before they ever get to pitch.

Considering both of these things, it would be quite a task to write down and plan out which bench players to switch with which starting players and which catchers/batters to switch in order for every player to get the exact same amount of pitcher training. Since the goal here is to find who the best pitcher is by giving each player the same amount of training, and seeing who ends up with the most skills after 10 days, it seems pretty important that they all get the same amount of training. I dont know how to effectively do this though, so could anyone help me on this?

By the way, I got lucky and got a team with 3 lefties, so Im really trying to do this right with this team and not mess anything up lol

Findlay Rocks
08-05-2007, 05:58 PM
u can do it either way
its up to u