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Community Rules
Offcial Chat Room Rules
The Official SmallBall Chatroom Rules

Updated Dec 04, 2013 00:01 PST

You are entirely responsible and liable for your own actions when you use The Official SmallBall Chat Room.
Here is a list of rules which if violated, may result in a member being kicked out of the chat room, given a timed ban, or in extreme cases a permanent ban.

You are allowed to use ONE chat room/forum account.
All members of the chat room, are required to have a validated SmallBall forum account in good standing.
Any suspicious chat accounts may be subject to proving their identity, by responding to a forum PM by a staff member.
Violators could end up with all accounts, including their original account banned.

No impersonation of other SmallBall members, or staff.
Creating an account to impersonate other members is prohibited.
Impersonating or representing any person or entity in an attempt to deceive, harass or otherwise mislead another member is prohibited.

SmallBall supports the principles of free speech.
However we also recognize the importance for people to respect the rights of others.
The game of SmallBall is rated for all ages, and as such, the language must reflect the same.
Please keep in mind that there are minors on this website, and in the chatroom.
Swearing and other obscene language is not allowed for this reason, in either place.

We ask that you do not give out personal information, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc.
If you do so, you agree to release SmallBall Sports from any and all responsibility.

Harassing other users in any way or form, either present or not, including harassment of users based on race, religion or sexuality is strictly prohibited.
Please treat other community members with respect.

Typing in all, or a majority of CAPITAL LETTERS is considered yelling, and is not allowed.
There will be no automatic kicking or timed bans issued, though chatroom moderators can intervene to halt continued abusing.
Any continued abuse will result in a automatic report to administration for disciplinary action.

Scrolling (repetitive typing causing the text screen to scroll) is not allowed.
You will receive a warning, either automatically, or by a chatroom moderator.
Continued abuse after a warning can lead to a kick or timed ban.

Posting of URL links that violate any of the above rules are also not allowed.

Who owns the chat room?
The chat room is owned by SmallBall Sports Forums.

Are there any moderators?
Yes, these members oversee the operations of the chatroom.
Beginning December 04, 2013 at 00:01 PST, there is also a chatroom log sent to all Administrators of the forum, to help Moderators and Administrators maintain the integrity and level of conversation of the chat room.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

 I have read, and agree to abide by the Smallball Sports Forums rules.