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12-04-2008, 09:31 AM
So I see how important lefties are to this game.. can the average player realistically compete in PL1 if they don't spend money stocking up on lefties? Thanks for the info on the other threads too, very helpful in helping with long term success, which is the key to any game like this.

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12-04-2008, 11:36 AM
Look at the teams in PL1, and the top teams in PL2 and see. Challenge them to a big league or exhibition game and see how many lefties they have. I bet there are plenty of righties.

There are soooo many factors in having a successful team, and L vs R is just one.

12-05-2008, 05:39 PM
Good question. I was thinking about this earlier, lol. In PL1 many of the teams are lefty heavy, but that is not necessarily the deciding factor of the game.

I've been wondering if a righty heavy team might do well because of the fact that they DON'T have many lefties. If you have a righty heavy team and set your home stadium to Centennial, then you will have a distinct advantage in term of offense over a lefty heavy team. Of course only half the games are at home but if you could manage to win one or two of a few of those away games you'd be doing fairly well I'd imagine.

12-05-2008, 09:48 PM
Yeah, the more I think about this, the more it makes sense that lefties might have an advantage in one sense but they've got to have a weakness in another and there's a way to exploit their weakness just as there's a way to use their strengths, and I think you've got it with the park types. Thanks for the replies.

12-05-2008, 11:27 PM
I will say this about lefties. There's nothing worse than watching your opponent on a rally, where lefties keep coming up with runners on 1st & 2nd, and they keep hitting it between the first and second basemen, and my darn fielders can't figure out that the SS is supposed to cover 2nd base when a lefty is at the plate! The hole is huge, but they keep letting the same thing happen, and before you know it you're 6 run lead is gone and you lose the game.