View Full Version : Does TS affect player gains?

11-24-2008, 12:49 PM
I have noticed that sometimes players burn TP faster when using TimeShift, and that they also may get less Swing Skill.
Has anyone else seen this or am I just imagining things?

11-24-2008, 02:55 PM
Timeshift will not. Messing with the FPS in DT will.

11-24-2008, 07:21 PM
SBH, TS will show you unrealistic gains on ST, the gains are normal i beleive, and it speed up and burns TP faster because thats its job

11-25-2008, 10:30 AM
Jwizz, I know it speeds up TP burning, that's why I use it to train faster sometimes. What I meant is, instead of getting several small gains to use up the TP, some players get just a few mega-gains, or even regular gains but burn more TP than normal.