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04-29-2007, 10:25 PM
Well, I'm pretty well decided that I'm going to give FB a shot. Does anyone have any "ultimate guides" they can post? Are there any major positions you have to max-out/find-out, such as pitcher for BB? It's time to see if FB is worth it!!!

04-30-2007, 12:14 AM
find goalie, same as finding pitcher- obvious as to why
max them all in running to find the fastest and the ones who hold skill

and put gel in your hair, lots of it, coz your gonna wanna rip it out

04-30-2007, 10:15 AM
Ok... So goalie is pitcher... when I started training, that's what I was thinking... That it'd probably be the goalie I needed to find...

And then, for the fastest ones, those are who I put most often on my team lineup right? Then I figure I'll do like a two-man rotation... Each week/several days, I'll put two of the "fastest" on the bench for a while to work up on skills... Then bring them back to play, and rotate the next one or two.

Sound about right?

04-30-2007, 02:36 PM
Thanks to Gamer JT among others ...

How to find your Goalie
by me (GJT)

How to find your Goalie:

First of all, you need to find your goalie (or GK). To do so, you will need lots of patience and time. Have the goalie in the box until all of his TP is gone. Go to posts mode, and switch him for another player. Do the same thing to all players. After 10 training sessions of doing this (mind you, these training sessions should be 48 hr. training sessions, so about 20 days)... Start to train in Reaction skill. You can do this by putting three players in the "Reaction Zone" in the upper right part of the trainer. Do this with all players for about 5 training sessions. Then, sort list your players in GOALIE Skill (AND REACTION: THE MOST important goalie skill)...your overall highest dude (doesn't HAVE to be num. 1 on both skills) is your "real" GOALKEEPER! Then start to train your goalie in Goalie, Running, and Reaction.

Note: You don't need two goalies in SBFB, but you may have them if you want.

How to Find your "Position Players"
by NRaider

After you find your goalie(s) you need to max everyone in Run. This'll take about maybe 10-15 training sessions of 48 hour pies. After that, I suggest maxing dribble skill (again, about 15 training sessions of 48hr). That way when your players get the ball, you can move well with the ball. And about once a week go back and run them. That way you keep them maxed in Run. Once you are a speeding demon, you should train in Interception. Why, you ask?? See below in Most important skills.... Again, go back and train in run and dribble this time about once a week. After you finish maxing Interc., next go to Reaction skill. This way you can shift direction in a split second and your defense can be reacting better for coming forwards. After that you can train in Aim (just allow your guys to shoot at the goalie) you will gain some Power in that to. So you wil have almost everything done.

How to Train Reaction in "Zone Mode"
by ironman44 and Protector

Here is what i did. In the Zone training mode, put two players in the circle. Get one on the outside of the circle, drag the other guy to close range to the second player. They will kick back and forth to each other at close range. One player does not move, but the second guy keeps running away from the first, but when the ball is kicked to him he turns to recieve the ball. So it a good idea to put a player who has no TP kicking to him. If they start to get to far apart keep dragging the player back to close range. If you do it just right, they will stay close to each other and train reaction for that player.

Protector said--
-- UPDATE: Now, you can also train reaction skill in zone mode by dragging the player you want to train to the upper right hand corner of the training screen when you are in zone mode (yes, I'm being redundant, but I want to make sure I get the point across). After being put in the invisible reaction training area (it is barely even marked in the trainer) a player will run back and forth in a zig zag pattern and will slowly, very slowly gain reaction... It's the only way, though.

Positioning Your Players
by yagadan05

I've heard a lot of people complain about not getting the right positioning.. this is basic, but what i follow and it works for me mostly (except against Borussia Dortmund and Bad Boys Wink they're just too good)

Most important: Aim
Secondly important: Kick Power
THIRD: Driving skill

Most important: Interception/Driving skill.
Secondly important: Reaction
THIRD: aim/kick power

Most important: Interception
Secondly important: Driving skill
THIRD: reaction skill

Most important is actually REACTION skill.
Of course, then GOALIE skill.
Then running is Third.

i had a horrible goalie maxed in GOALIE skill.. and then i realized i forgot to train him in reaction, and now i can't get enough of his show-stopping saves Wink Very Happy

The Most important Skills in SBFB
by GJT and yagadan05, and NRaider

I said--
--Dribble is important to everyone (except the goalie)... You will need it to win games!

yagadan said--
--Dribble is included in driving skill (they kinda go together) and running max. you should always have a maxed team in running.. and the way you know that someone is maxed in a skill is if you train a player that targets a certain skill, and all they gain is .01 (they lose it almost as fast as they gain it) then you know they are maxed in that skill.. it may happen once because of low TP so the way to find out is if you train the specific skill 3-5 times, and if you see no + a whole number, then it's maxed.

Nraider said--
--I believe the most important skill in Smallball Football is Interception.

Reason: You can have a crappy goalie and still win games. Not as much but you can... it is possible. If you have a good defense you will cause teams not to be able to shoot shots on you and cause your goalie less work. I have seen my team (187063) shoot about 12 shots a game ( WAY TOO MUCH). Ok, a good average amount of shots is 2 to 4. This causes less amount of goals and is better for your GD. If you are allowing about 5 or more shots on goal then you need to train in Interception more.

The top 2 things overall for Every player on your team is Interception and Reaction. Interception will help your goalie and reaction helps in every category.

PL Game Strategy
by Nraider

When to Play ProLeague Games:
When you get into ProLeagues you want to win, so here is some tips. After you train and you want to play a proleague game, you should play a big league game first. That way you see what is wrong if any and you can wait on it so you can train in it next time.

"Play them when your team is hot ... and if you lose even one, you stop"
said by Xtreme.

Also if the other team has a loosing streak, PLAY THEM!


When the two teams are first coming on the field, if you click on the center circle the game will start. You can do this for throw ins, field goals, goal kicks, and half-time.

It was on .info i used thois guide to.

04-30-2007, 10:24 PM
AWESOME help. I'm going to start on "finding goalie" as soon as possible. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy my team I'm working with :)

T3H Pwnzors
05-12-2007, 10:45 AM
Wow thanks for all the information!